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How to write a cohesive essay

When it comes to writing, people usually emphasise the importance of good grammar and proper spelling. However, there is a third element...
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When to use active and passive voice in writing

This article gives a definition of both voices, as well as examples of situations when each can be used properly.
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A brief history of tea drinking in the UK

Tea has become so closely identified with the British that their love for the beverage has become one of their trademarks. In fact, the country is one of the biggest consumers of the drink...
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Tricky syntax: common mistakes when writing in English

Proper grammar can spell the difference between your essay being read from beginning to end and being abandoned at the first paragraph.
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Writing with Cohesion and Coherence

A powerful essay is organised, with a natural flow of thoughts and ideas that would make it easy to read. To achieve this, your essay should have two characteristics: cohesion and coherence.
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The kinds of resume you shouldn’t write

Whether you’ve just graduated from college or have been working for several years, chances are that you have a readily available resume for interesting job opportunities that come your way.
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Improve your English with this guide to grammar mistakes

Our expert teachers have extensive experience working with foreign students. This means we have a good idea of what mistakes you will probably make, and can help you improve your English by avoiding these common errors.
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What type of learner are you?

Learning styles are a popular concept in psychology and education as it can help identify how people learn best. Find out your learning style using our guide!
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