Study English in Malaysia or Singapore. Place yourself at the heart of Asia and be in the perfect place to learn English. Experience a new culture, make new friends and have fun. Your great learning adventure begins here

What you can enjoy in Singapore:

  1. The local food
  2. The melting pot of cultures
  3. The year-round shopping
  4. The arts scene
  5. The charming neighbourhoods
  6. The theme parks
  7. The nightlife

What you can enjoy in Malaysia:

  1. The outdoors
  2. The world-class food
  3. The beaches
  4. The many cultures
  5. The Unesco sites
  6. The architecture
  7. The famous night markets

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Enjoy Malaysia

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Enjoy Singapore

What's Shiok in Singapore?

We are more confident to communicate with people in English after our English Journey with the British Council.

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